How to ‘go eco’ with your cycle parking

If you have committed to cycle parking for your organisation or business then you already understand the importance of encouraging cycling and reducing car
trips not only for health but also for the environment. But can you make your cycle parking choices even more eco-friendly?


Swap steel for wood

Traditionally cycle parking shelters have been made from steel with polycarbonate or steel mesh cladding. You can choose to use timber for your cladding instead of either polycarbonate or steel. Not only does this replace much of the materials with a sustainable one, it also can help the structure blend with the environment, especially where the setting is more rural.
This isn’t the only way you can swap for wood, however. Technological advancements in the production of ‘glue-laminate’ timber now means that it is viable to produce the whole cycle shelter out of wood whilst retaining the structural integrity of the shelter. Now, what you can produce in stele can be produced in wood. For examples of wooden cycle shelters see our range.

LED lighting

For security and usability, especially in our dark winters, many cycle shelters and compounds have integrated lighting. Swapping to LED lighting will save ener
gy, which in turn is good for the environment. Although more expensive to purchase, with LED using around 10 times less energy than co
nventional bulbs, they consume so much less electricity that this cost is quickly recouped in lower energy bills. LED lighting also lasts longer so you will have less maintenance.

Solar lighting

There is an even more environmentally-friendly lighting option and that is solar. People assume that because we live in a climate with limited sunshine that this wouldn’t be an option, but that is not the case. Solar lighting requires daylight not sunshine and we have enough daylight hours in the UK to power lighting for a cycle shelter.
These are all options to consider if you want to increase the environmental efficiency of your cycle parking, but don’t forget that one of the best things you can do is make sure your cycle parking facility is well used and that you encourage as many people as possible to swap their car for a bike and reduce those car journeys.