Benefits of encouraging your staff to cycle to work

Depending on your location, transport options for staff can be a major issue and many businesses and organisations are looking to find ways of increasing the transport options open to their staff.

Cycling as an option is something that can save money, have health benefits, reduce travel time in addition to the environmental impact of fewer car journeys. This all sounds great for the employee, but what is in it for the employer?

Fitter employees = more productive employees

A workforce that regularly cycles to work are more likely to be fit and healthy. Fitter employees is likely to mean less sickness absence plus higher productivity when they are at work.
Cycling is also more predictable in terms of traffic and public transport delays so you are going to have less lateness.

Happier employees = more productive employees

It is a fact that spending more time outside will cheer you up. Cycling to work gives your employees access to valuable sunlight that will boost levels of the feel-good hormone serotonin (even in our unpredictable British weather).
A typical commuter with go from the house, to the car, to the office, to the car and back home again and may see virtually no natural light. Not good for the mood or for things such as insomnia.


Cars take up a great deal of room and by putting in cycle parking, you can park far more bikes in the same space as a car. This could reduce the need for extending car parking or expensive offsite parking provision and bring down overheads.

Reduced recruitment costs

For potential new recruits, the costs of expensive parking or public transport can be very off putting. By offering cycle parking you are giving people a low cost travel option which should help your recruitment and reduce staff turnover.

It’s good for your corporate image

Encouraging cycling can also be a good way or boosting your corporate image. For organisations who want to convey a sense of social and environmental responsibility, such as when seeking ISO 14001 status, having a cycling agenda and strategy can be very important.

So now you know what the benefits can be to encouraging cycling to work in your organisation, read our blog ‘What to do you need to do to get your employees cycling’ for some tips on what to do next.