Cool Cycle Parking

Cycling on our towns and cities is becoming increasingly important, for health, green-ness and in many cases to speed up commutes and journeys. There are loads of practical, well established designs available but in this blog we wanted to pay homage to some of the wackier design concepts in cycle parking. Some are prototypes and others are working installations.

bikebench01_1Bike Bench

Great clean lines and a nice design concept although maybe not that practical as it only has a single fix point for the wheel and I’m not sure I would fancy sitting on the bench after a few hundred muddy and oily bike wheels and been there.

Designed by ADD innovation



Bike rack deskBike Desk

This creative bike rack by Store MUU combines a bike rack with a desk. Once parked the bike also acts as a stool giving you the chance for a break without the need to leave your bicycle.






David Byrne groupPop star turned street furniture designer

David Byrne is well known as the co-founder of Talking Heads (1976 – 88). Alongside his varied music career, he has also been involved in design projects.

David has been an avid cyclist for 30 years and this has inspired him to design some unique cycle parking installations for the New York City Department of Transportation.

Davis Byrne 




comb rackGiant Comb Bike Rack

An art project by KnowHow Shop a Cooperative fabrication Shop and Design Studio in LA, this giant comb plays with scale and brings an everyday object into a non related use. I particularly like the ‘hair’ weaving in and out of the teeth of the comb which acts like traditional cycle racks.





DSCN5345Sports inspired Cycle Shelter & Bench

Designed by Lockit-Safe’s own in-house designers and inspired by our great Summer of Sport 2012, this Javelin bike shelter is ideal for sports and leisure facilities who want something a bit different.





Open Bike rackAlphabet Cycle Racks

Now towns, cities, companies and schools can use their cycle racks to spell out words and their name with these Customer Bike Stands from Denmark. Just want to be welcoming you can have the words open, welcome or entrance.




flowerDaisy shaped cycle rack

Bringing nature into urban spaces was the concept behind this daisy inspired cycle rack in Valencia, Spain by designer Yoann Henry Yvon




circular bike rackCircular Cycle Rack

Designed by Adeline Thong from Singapore for West Coast Park, this not only looks to solve a problem often associated with linear racks having to slot bikes between existing ones, it also has a playful design based on the figure of the child sliding down the rack.

Works great in open spaces although a circular formation has its limitations in areas where space is more limited. It also only allows for a single locking point which is not ideal.