Keeping your cycle safe & secure as the UK Government pushes for more people to take up cycling

The Coronavirus pandemic and resulting lockdown in the UK has changed everyday life in many ways; from the way we work and where we work to the way we shop and travel.

In particular, the Government has been urging commuters to avoid public transport and encouraging more people to cycle where possible.

What else is the Government doing to encourage more people to take up cycling?

As reported by the BBC, a new Government scheme has been launched which offers £50 bike repair vouchers. Initially, 50,000 were available online on Tuesday the 28th of July.

Additionally, and as part and parcel of a larger scheme to tackle obesity in Britain the BBC reported GPs will be able to prescribe cycling to help people lose weight.

£2 billion Government funding package

As explained in May, a £2 billion package has been agreed to fund the scheme. Working with local authorities across the country, there are plans to create safer spaces for cyclists such as cycle and bus only corridors, wider pavements, pop-up bike lanes with protected spaces for cycling, and safer junctions.

Further updates are expected later in the summer including:

  • The creation of a long-term budget for cycling and walking
  • Higher standards for permanent infrastructure
  • Creation of a national cycling and walking minister and inspectorate

With a greater Government focus than ever before, the benefits for your mental and physical health, and the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic there has never been a better time to ditch the public transport and start cycling. Whilst there are many benefits, it is important that when you do take to the roads you are prepared. Always wear a helmet and appropriate clothing, and be sure to store your bike safely and securely to avoid the risk of theft.

What can you do to keep your bike safe?

Wherever you park or store your bike you should always ensure that it is done securely. Your bike should always be locked, or locked within a safe enclosure. If you don’t have the facilities to do this at home, you should consider using a secure cycle park and purchasing your own bike lock. If you want to cycle to work, talk to your employer if they don’t already provide adequate, secure cycle parking on-site.

At Lockit-safe we provide a range of secure cycle lockers and cycle compounds that can provide safe storage for your bike. Our newest product, the bike nest cycle compound, provides an innovative solution for storage when space is at a premium; such as in urban environments.

We’ve also provided our top 8 tips for safely storing your cycle which gives advice on choosing the right location and lock for you.