South eastern logoLockit-safe has carried out a number of projects for South Eastern Trains, and in January 2020, we were successful in a tender to improve the cycle parking provision at Folkestone West station.

The project was funded through the Department for Transport and was a joint venture between Network Rail and South Eastern Trains to improve the facilities at a number of stations throughout the South Eastern rail network.

What was involved?

The project included the removal of 20 existing cycle spaces and the creation of a new bespoke compound for 60 cycles.

The custom compound housed 40 secure, enclosed spaces and 20 part-open spaces, all on the same footprint. CCTV, lighting, and access control were included for the 40 enclosed spaces.  In a tight space, utilising our two-tier cycle racks was an obvious choice, giving double the parking capacity for the same space.

In addition to the parking facilities, the Cycle Hub also included a cycle repair stand and cycle pump, invaluable for cyclists who may need to carry out minor repairs themselves. The Cycle Hub was finished off with bespoke graphics and user instructions.

Installations at rail stations are always challenging as there is the need to minimise inconvenience to rail users whilst managing the risks of the dangerous environment. Add into that the restrictions around ensuring works were carried out in a COVID-safe manner meant that we had to further modify our working practices. An example of this included having supplies delivered before 5 am to avoid foot traffic and commuters using the station.