New City College is the largest college in East London. It was formed by a merger between multiple colleges across the area and now has 6 campuses providing 6th form, FE, and adult learning courses.

On one of the campuses, two old cycle parking compounds had reached their end of life and the College put out a project to design, manufacture and install a bespoke cycle parking facility that would better fill the space and provide a larger number of parking spaces.

Lockit-safe submitted our design recommendations and were successful in winning the project.

Our starting point was to remove the two old shelters, but rather than get rid of them, we were able to refurbish and relocate at other locations around the site.

We then started work extending the concrete base to maximise the space for the compound.  We manufactured our bespoke compound and installed it during the half-term break, so as to minimise disruption to the site. The compound was to extend to the boundaries, so the working space for installation was very tight.

The finished cycle compound now provides spaces for 80 cycles (quadrupling the number of spaces provided by the two old shelters).