Lockit Safe successfully completed a project for Francis Bailey School on behalf of West Berkshire Council, an existing client they’ve been working with for six years. This project was carried out in a live school environment during term time, which posed unique challenges in terms of minimising disruptions while making necessary modifications.

Project Scope:

  • Modification of an existing shelter to incorporate junior cycle stands.
  • Installation of a new parent shelter with a length of 8 meters.
  • 24 Junior cycle spaces
  • 10 cycle hamble shelter for staff
  • 70 scooter parking spaces
  • 20 cycle parking spaces for pupils


  • The project had to be completed during the school term, necessitating careful planning and execution to ensure minimal disruption to the school’s daily operations.
  • The existing shelters had to remain open during the modifications, which required careful coordination and sequencing of the work to maintain functionality while making the necessary changes.

Lockit Safe’s ability to effectively manage these challenges and carry out the modifications for Francis Bailey School showcases their experience and commitment to providing tailored solutions. Showcasing their expertise in working within live school environments and their dedication to meeting the unique needs of each project.