Aberdeenshire Council is a long-standing client of Lockit-safe and we have retained the contract to supply cycle and scooter parking facilities to schools in their area for the last 4 years.

In 2018 we carried out projects in 8 schools across the area.

Each school had its own requirements and challenges and we conducted site visits to every school to establish the most suitable solution.


The different needs of each school resulted in different products being installed; from simple Sheffield stands and scooter racks to Hamble compounds with sliding gates.

We carried out groundworks where required and also the safe removal of existing facilities.

This whole project, across 8 very different sites, was complete in 6 weeks from start to finish.

Installation summary:

School 1           20 cycle Hamble shelter and scooter racks

School 2           34 cycle Hamble shelter and scooter racks

School 3           20 cycle Hamble shelter

School 4           30 cycle Hamble shelter

School 5           60 cycle York shelters

School 6           10 cycle Hamble shelter with sliding gates

School 7           Sheffield stands

School 8           Scooter racks