Doncaster Metropolitan Council is an existing Lockit-safe client, so we were delighted to continue our working relationship with them by securing a new contract to upgrade the cycle parking provision at a key public building, Doncaster Civic Centre.

The current cycle parking shelter was no longer fit for purpose as it offered no security, little weather protection nor the added services such as cycle pumps that all help to encourage cyclists.


The first stage of the project was to remove the existing cycle shelter. This is always a sensitive operation when operating in public spaces, and it was made more challenging through the COVID restrictions and the need to liaise with the client and council contractors remotely.

The plan was to replace the old shelter with a new cycle hub that would better fit the needs of cycle users. Our solution was a bespoke cycle compound that fitted with the very specific requirements the council laid out.

Following extensive groundwork, we installed the bespoke cycle hub that now provides significantly more cycle parking spaces plus many additional features:

  • Fully glazed compound provides full weather protection
  • Two-tier cycle racks double the amount of cycle parking spaces available in the same space to 60
  • A disability parking space with room to accommodate an oversized cycle
  • Lighting and access control for increased security
  • Electricity charging points for the use of electric cycles
  • Pump and repair stand

The new cycle hub provides far better facilities and usability for cycle users and is also inclusive for people using different types of cycles.