New SMART Lockers for Tyne and Wear Metro Stations

Lockit-safe were awarded a prestigious contract in 2014 to install SMART technology lockers for Nexus Tyne and Wear Passenger Transport Executive at Metro Stations throughout the area.


The project included 10 metro stations and over 50 lockers. Unlike traditional metal cycle lockers, however, these lockers are fitted with bespoke SMART technology developed by Lockit-safe that allows for –

  • Individually monitored access for user
  • A visible external warning system to notify users if lockers are occupied based on a weight sensor within the locker
  • Full data and locker usage capture system for the client to be able to report on usage and trends of locker usage
  • Unique individual user fobs which can be remotely monitored by the rail operator and cancelled if lost, stole or miss-used
  • Future proofed system that will (if required by the client) allow users to block or lock out a locker remotely in advance of their arrival at a given station, this giving them peace of mind that they are guaranteed  safe and secure storage option for their bike when they arrive at the station

The strength and security of this type of locker alongside the software that supports their use is a first not only for Lockit-safe but also the UK. Nexus were so impressed with these lockers that during first installations they introduced a second phase of the programme with 50 lockers across 11 more stations.