Great news, our project with South Eastern Trains is now 90% complete, significant progress has been made over the past four months. Here’s a summary of the work completed at Tonbridge Station, Marden Station, and Margate Station:

Tonbridge Station:

  • Added 50 new parking spaces.
  • Provided 24 motor cycle spaces.
  • Removed outdated and run-down facilities.
  • Implemented lighting, CCTV, and resurfacing works.
  • Renovated the access tunnel to the station, including resurfacing, LED lighting, and CCTV installation.
  • Dealt with the challenge of working near a live gas main, which had to be completed within a tight six-week timeframe.

Marden Station:

  • Added 50 new parking spaces.
  • Removed non-secure facilities and replaced them with a secure hub.
  • Installed lighting, access control systems, and CCTV.
  • Addressed the challenge of bank retention in a busy station car park.

Margate Station:

  • Added 44 new parking spaces.
  • Implemented access control, CCTV, and LED lighting.
  • Faced challenges related to dealing with buried services.
  • Worked with a listed building, requiring careful planning and adherence to historic preservation guidelines.

This project showcases Lockit Safe’s ability to deliver comprehensive solutions for various train stations, considering factors such as security, access control, lighting, and the unique challenges presented by each location. The completion of these improvements will likely enhance the overall experience for commuters and visitors at these stations.