Birmingham Childrens HospitalAt Lockit-safe, many of our projects require two-tier cycle parking, especially on those sites where space is at a premium.

Birmingham Children’s Hospital required additional cycle parking and facilities for cyclists on their site. This is the second project we have carried out for them.


Our solution was to install two-tier shelters (one for 22 cycles and one for 16 cycles) as bolt-down frames onto the existing surface. The shelters also had cycle pump and repair stands.

Normally this would be a straight-forward installation, but the hospital site was especially challenging as access was via a 100m walk with shops and a narrow alley. This meant that all parts had to be taken through this alleyway and made up on site, rather than the made up shelter delivered and just bolted down.

This project highlighted the importance of site visits so we can assess not only the area for the cycle parking, but also the access suitability. Sometimes, as with this project, we cannot approach installation in the normal way, but so far no site has beaten us yet!