Cycle parking projects for TfGM and Oldham collegesAs part of our contract with Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) we have completed two major installations for Oldham College and Oldham 6th Form College.

Oldham College

Oldham College are a large FE college catering for 10,000 students. In recent years they have invested £22m in their campus and this project upgrades the cycle parking facilities and improves access for cyclists on the campus.

The work required extensive groundworks including concrete bases and concrete pockets and the installation of two new secure cycle compounds, one for 16 cycles and one for 48 cycles. Both compounds had LED lighting fitted with motion-sensor activation.

In addition, we are also installed wheel troughs next to a large set of steps that leads to the compounds to improve the access to the cycle parking for students.


Oldham 6th Form College

Oldham 6th Form college caters for over 2000 students and also required additional cycle parking facilities as well as the upgrading of their current cyle shelter.

The site required a variety of cycle parking solutions including:

  • A 16 cycle compound
  • The removal of an existing compound and installation of a new 20 cycle compound
  • A 26 cycle compound

Each of the compounds were fitted with:

  • Helmet lockers
  • Motion-activated lighting
  • Keypad access control
  • CCTV

For staff who wanted to use their bikes, we also installed a Bike Nest lockable compound.

Again, extensive groundworks were required for shelter foundations and ducting for power and data cabling to each of the compounds.