Install a new 90m walkway at Lymington Ferry Port Terminal

Lymington Port in the New Forest is a busy ferry route to the Isle of White. Lockit-Safe were awarded the contract to build a covered walkway that would link the passenger and staff embarkation and disembarkation to the main terminal building.

There were a number of challenges on this project, not least that the jetty was only 400mm wider than the walkway being installed; 60m section of the walkway was surrounded by water and that the ferry terminal was to remain open and in operation at all times.


Lockit-Safe designed, fabricated and installed the walkway. This end-to-end approach ensured that we were able to have complete control of all stages and elements of the project and allowed us to complete the installation within a 2 week timescale whilst the terminal remained fully operational with no disruption caused.

The design of the walkway included:

  • 90m covered walkway, fully weatherproof with glazing & composite panel
  • Integral lighting
  • Integrated passenger and staff embarkation/dis-embarkation point
  • Linking the terminal building to the ships berthing area
  • Fully certified man riding system installed to allow for safe maintenance and cleaning
  • Full design, fabrication, delivery and on-site installation
  • Powder coated which, because of the close proximity to the coast, we gave increased guarantees regarding lifespan of both galvanised steel and powder coatin
  • Prior to works commencing, debris, safety and personnel netting had to be installed to 60m of the working area being surrounded by water.