Lockit-safe are awarded 3 repeat contracts in Scotland

It’s great when you win a new contract or project; it’s even better when you win the contract for a second, third or even fifth year in a row! This is just what we have done over in the last few months with frameworks with Councils across Scotland.

Falkirk Council – 2nd Year

For the second year, we won a project to provide Hamble cycle shelters to 6 schools across the area. With this contract we also had the unusual requirement of supplying 2 shipping containers which are being used for storage of cycles and cycle equipment.

All works are to be completed by the end of September.

Aberdeenshire Council – 3rd Year

For the third consecutive year we have won the contract to provide cycle parking to schools across Aberdeenshire. This phase will consist of cycle parking provision and upgrading for 13 schools and includes Hamble Cycle Shelters, Hamble Cycle Compounds, scooter racks, cycle racks and shelters to cover existing cycle stands. Groundworks are also required on some sites.

All works are to be completed by mid October.

City of Edinburgh Council – 5th Year

We are delighted to have won the City of Edinburgh Council’s contract for the fifth year running! The contract covers the supply and installation of cycle parking to 6 schools and includes Hamble Cycle Shelters, scooter racks (budget and double sided) and toast rack style bike stands.

All works are to be completed by mid October.

It all looks like being a busy Autumn for us in bonny Scotland (we hope the weather is kind)