Lockit-safe extend the life of East Dunbartonshire Council cycle parking facilities

East Dumbartonshire CouncilAlthough our usual work is installing new cycle parking solutions to upgrade or provide additional cycle parking, we can also repair and extend the life of existing cycle parking provisions.

East Dunbartonshire Council was in a situation where their existing cycle shelters had PETG cladding that was split and cracked. We were brought in to look at repairs and identified the problem was caused by the grade of PETG used and how it was fixed to the frames. The grade of PETG is extremely important to the durability and lifespan of cycle shelters as it deteriorates due to weather and UV.

At Lockit-safe we use a minimum of 4mm UV PETG as standard, plus hot dipped galvanised steel for frames. This gives our clients the confidence that their cycle shelters will last and look great for years.

We were able to replace 38 back panels and 28 end panels for East Dunbartonshire Council and fix it in a way that would avoid cracking in the future.