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Lockit-safe awarded £250,000 contract to supply SMART bike lockers in Tyne & Wear Metro stations

We are delighted that Lockit-safe have been awarded the contract by Nexus and Newcastle City Council to supply and install metal cycle lockers in Metro stations across Tyne & Wear.

Nexus are the Tyne and Wear Passenger Transport Executive and is responsible for providing, planning and promoting public transport across Tyne and Wear.

What is even more exciting about this project is that these are no ordinary lockers but will be fitted with the latest SMART technology, which we are also developing, to allow individually monitored access for users. We look forward to the completion of the job in early 2015.

New wooden cycle range launched

new wooden cycle shelter from Lockit-safe
new wooden cycle shelter from Lockit-safenew wooden cycle shelter from Lockit-safenew wooden cycle shelter from Lockit-safe

We are delighted to announce a new range of wooden cycle parking shelters that use timber rather than steel for their frame. 

Wood adds a great aesthetic to the design of a cycle shelter or compound and we have been using it as cladding material for some of bespoke shelters for a while, but this new range takes this a stage further with the use of glue laminated timber that is extremely strong and high performance.

We are also committed to providing a sustainable product so the timber is sourced from European forests and is FSC 100% sustainable. 

We have 5 new designs, with some having options of additional side and back panels. As with our other cycle shelters, these are also modular and can be used side by side or facing to increase the cycle parking capacity.

To see our full range of wooden cycle shelters click here

We are pleased Scotland said 'No' to independence!

We are all so pleased here at Lockit-Safe that Scotland said 'NO' to independence and that we remain as the United Kingdom! We have built some excellent relationships with clients and have been successful with various tenders for the Education sector, hospitals and stations and enjoy working in Scotland. We have undertaken site visits and installed cycle shelters in all kinds of weathers and have the photos to prove it!

Congratulations to Scotland and we all celebrate with Scottish Shortbread and an extra cuppa! Long may our visits and work in Scotland continue!

Introducing new cost-effective plastic cycle lockers

Plastic cycle lockers
Plastic cycle lockersPlastic cycle lockersAdvertising on plastic cycle lockersPlastic cycle lockers

Our steel cycle lockers have always been a popular choice when high levels of security and weather protection are needed. We are pleased to announce, therefore, that we have added to our range of cycle lockers a plastic cycle locker design that is robust, colourful and great value for money.

Our plastic cycle lockers are made from tough LDPE and come in a range of colour options. They are maintenance-free, easy to install and their design gives a great space for graphics and advertising material on the side.

Click here to find out more about our new plastic cycle lockers or give us a call on 01472 346 382

We hit the headlines with new cycle parking facilities at Sheffield Station.

Sheffield Cycle Hub
Sheffield Cycle HubSheffield Cycle HubSheffield Cycle HubSheffield Cycle Hub
Lockit-Safe have recently installed two tier cycle parking at Sheffield Station, named as the flagship station for improved facilities. Train stations across the country will benefit from improved cycling facilities thanks to £15 million of new government funding, Transport Minister Baroness Kramer announced today (4 July 2014) on the eve of the Tour de France coming to the UK.
The improvements will make it easier for people to ride bicycles and use trains by providing more and better cycle parking and other cycle-friendly facilities at railway stations, helping cut pollution and ease congestion on our roads.
The minister announced the funding as she officially opened the new £850,000 Sheffield Cycle Hub - a flagship facility that provides 415 bike spaces alongside changing rooms and repair facilities at the city’s train station. 
See more information from the Department for Transport  about how train stations will benefit from £15 million of new government funding to improve cycling facilities.


  • Airport walkways and canopies
  • Ferry terminal walkways and canopies
  • Cycle Parking Solutions
  • School waiting shelters
  • Bespoke cycle parking solutions
  • Specialist ranges for the Rail industry
  • Waiting shelters
  • Airport walkways and canopies

Cycle shelters, cycle compounds, lockers, canopies and walkways.

Cycle Shelters
Our range of cycle shelters provide huge choice of designs, finishes and options. Their modular design means they can accommodate any number of cycles and can also be added to at a future date. Our new two tier racks are ideal for areas where space is a premium.
Canopies can be used to enhance the architectural look of a building with door canopies, or with extended canopies can connect buildings and provide additional sheltered outdoor space.
Cycle Compounds
Our lockable cycle compounds provide additional security and come in a range of designs and finishes. We can design bespoke solutions and provide a variety of access control systems, lighting and CCTV.
As sites expand, buildings often become detached from each other which cause problems in bad weather for people having to move between buildings. The solution is to link these buildings by way of covered walkways.
Cycle Locker
Cycle lockers provide excellent weather protection and high security and are often regarded as the ultimate in secure cycle storage. We can provide vertical, horizontal, single, double and Transec approved cycle lockers.
Scooter Racks
Scooters are a popular choice for younger children but storing these scooters, can cause problems for schools. Our dedicated scooter racks are freestanding or can be integrated into cycle shelters.


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